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The arts have a language of their own with a capacity to stimulate reflection, provoke ideas, and open space for dialogue. Arts-based experiences create an environment that frees individuals from traditional ways of seeing and working by moving them out of their comfort zone, creating space for reflection, and making the invisible visible. As a co-creative process, arts-based practice stimulates out-of-the-box thinking and helps people develop a shared understanding and common values, as well as increases creativity and well-being.

As children, we are encouraged to play explore, and develop ways to express ourselves. We do this with inner freedom juxtaposed against the backdrop of rules and structures. As adults we find ourselves trapped in the structures to which we succumb over the years and struggle to reconnect with our inner freedom and release our creativity. 

As an artist, I strive to make visible how the arts are all around us. When we open our senses to the sights around us, the smells, the sounds, and the movements and begin to reflect on our own relationship to them, we become members of the ensemble of life contributing to each other’s experience.


Join me in the arts world and experience new ways to listen, communicate, and express. Learning the language of the arts is for everyone!


Musician & Artist
TCM Acupuncturist and Ayurveda health consultant
Professor in Quality Management

In 2008 I started K-KulturCreations to offer services to company managers and staff to support sustainable quality development with respect to people and society. The concept of KulturCreations is to integrate artistic tools from music and design with processes and theory leadership development to promote creativity and well-being in individuals and companies.


The concept reflects an intersection between my professional training and experience as a musician graphic designer,  and TCM acupuncturist with my research and development as Professor in quality management. Through KulturCreations I hope to share the language of music and art to help individuals and organisations develop new capacities to enhance communication, creativity and well-being.  

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