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Art & Design

As a visual artist and graphic designer, my work is created using multiple media forms. In some cases, the base of the art is a photograph, further rendered and transformed. In other cases, the art is an original design, created through either a single-step design process or manipulated further in different artistic media. No matter the design, everything is original, created from the freedom of spirit that lies within

Design Services

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I provide graphic design services and gallery showings

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Graphic Design


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As an artist I continually explore life through visual media, provoking, reflecting and representing new ways of seeing the complexities of life. 

Since 2017 I have been arranging exhibitions, which often combine multiple artforms, including dance, music and storytelling 

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In this workshop, participants combine art with storytelling to foster team building and co-creation. A process derived from the pedagogical model "living workshops", is used, which shifts focus from product to process. The artistic approach is grounded in the premise that the arts lie within each one us and it is important to break down the walls between fine art and human creativity. The living workshop is used as an arts-based practice in organisations to foster human growth and team development.

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