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The Rainbow Runners is a true story of a sled dog adventure told by Alaskan Husky, Nija JaJa, the youngest member of the team, who along with her “Uncle Buncles” and brother set out to follow a dream to participate in a long-distance race through the Swedish mountains.

The story takes place in the white-capped mountains of Sweden where the nine huskies live with their two-legged friends Krispy and Sven. The book begins with a dream to prepare for a 250-kilometer long distance sled dog race through the Swedish Mountains. With fewer dogs in the team than is common for such a race, the team begins their journey with an uphill battle. During preparations for the race the dogs experience what it means to build a team, and not just a functioning team, but a team that is flexible and adaptable to changing conditions; a team that is built on recognizing and celebrating the unique strengths in each team member; and a team that keeps sight on their own dream, even when others doubt their ability.
Getting inside the heart and soul of leadership
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Listening Leadership

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