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Leadership and leading is complex. Leaders who understand the complexity have the ability to develop more successful work environments that thrive during certainty and uncertainty. By knowing their workers and understanding the culture they are able to put into place the right combination of skills, knowledge and energy to foster success for the task at hand in relation to the current condition.

To get at the heart and soul of leadership I will take you on a storytelling journey into the world of a sled-dog team. I will introduce you to a team of dogs, individuals, who are unique; each one of which has their strengths and weakness. Depending on how one approaches the individuals and begins to understand them has big consequences for the balance in the pack and the degree of harmony that is achieved as well as productivity.


By understanding the unique attributes in each member of a team, leaders can build dynamic groups that are responsive, healthy and productive. Based on chaos theory, we want to stay at the edge of choas to keep the energy moving. To achieve harmony without stagnating requires that leaders understand the edge of chaos and what are the tipping points.

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